John Thie, DC

Touch For Health Reference Folio: Large Spiral format


Released: 1-Jul-1995
Format: Spiral Wire 42pg 12"x 9"
ISBN: 9780875168579

New TFH Reference Folio with 111 Five Element Metaphors!

Here's a Quick reference to all 42 muscle tests, all 246 TFH Reflex points,  111 Metaphors + Balancing Procedures. The TFH Reference Folio contains the essence of the TFH Chart in a portable book form, plus extensive additional information. Tabs can be cut for quick reference to each meridian. Like the wall chart, the folio Includes all reflex points, Meridian pathways, nutrition, muscle locations, testing positions, and the 24-hour “Wheel” graphic.

Additional information in this expanded folio:

  • Complete International Kinesiology College syllabus of the TFH Synthesis (level 1-4 workshops) and  “Database” of all the techniques in the Complete Edition.
  • Alphabetical index of muscles
  • Updated graphics of the “wheel”, AND the 5 Elements + metaphor wheel
  • Pulse points AND alarm points (for determining excess energy)
  • Concise explanations of balance-as-you-go and assessing energy patterns to balance with “1-point”
  • 111 sets of metaphorical questions to contemplate related to imbalances in your muscles, meridians, and Five Elements.
  • Anatomical order section of muscle test thumbnails to quickly and conveniently check all 42 muscles.
  • Text and graphic illustrations of Luo Points (for balancing “husband/wife” relationships)
    • “muscle man” illustration on back cover for quick visual reference to all 42 muscles and their page number

About Author

John Thie

John Thie, DC was president of the Touch For Health Foundation after having led the Thie Chiropractic Clinic for 35 years as a director in Pasadena, California. With degrees from USC, the Los Angeles Colleges of Chiropractic, and UCLA, he served on the faculties of many Southern California universities, where his treatment and technique gained recognition throughout the world. Despite his recent passing in 2005, Touch for Health will live forever in the hearts of his colleagues and practitioners for years to come. Matthew Thie collaborated directly with his father since 1996, developing healing protocol, writing articles, and working with students.

John Thie

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