Susan Hayward

A Guide for the Advanced Soul


It takes courage for the soul to walk down a new and unfamiliar path. As people struggle to break free of personal problems in life, the tendency to rely on old, familiar patterns prevents them from exploring new solutions. It is times like these that a fresh perspective is needed to shed new light on a situation that will point the soul down a new path.

A Guide for the Advanced Soul: A Book of Insight was created just for this purpose, to be consulted in times of indecision and crisis so people can gain a new understanding of their questions, and provide guidance. At any moment, the Guide can be opened to any page and within the words will be the answer regardless of the specific challenge. The subconscious mind -- that well of intuition and creativity -- will instantly be redirected by the words and a sincere desire to grow.

Within A Guide for the Advanced Soul: A Book of Insight, every page holds a gift. Welcome the problems and discover their gifts!

Know the truth in your heart....Trust your direction....Open this book to any page....And there will be your answer.

Author Note

Susan Hayward

"A Guide For the Advanced Soul is a book to be consulted in times of indecision and crisis, to help you understand your questions, and give guidance. Using the Guide, you are buying a quiet moment of objectivity in which you are asking your Inner Voice, "Why have I created this? What is the meaning of this experience in terms of my growth?" At that moment, randomly open the Guide to any page AND THERE WILL BE YOUR ANSWER."

Susan Hayward

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