Patrice Karst

The Smile that Went Around the World: New Edition


From the Best-Selling author of THE INVISIBLE STRING!

Illustrations by Jana Christy

DeVorss Publications
Hardback 24pg |  2014
Subject: Children Ages 3+
ISBN: 9780875168753 | eBook ISBN: 9798887740775

What if you discovered one day you did something that helped millions of people all over the world and changed their lives? Something so simple that it was recognized and understood by everyone in every country everywhere . . . and all it took was a kind gesture to get it started. Too good to be true? Then it’s time for you to meet THE SMILE THAT WENT AROUND THE WORLD.

In a modern world where emails and photos can be sent to the other side of the planet in seconds, where planes fly to far-off countries every day, and where city sidewalks and highways are covered with millions of people going in millions of directions, it makes you realize just how easily a simple smile can actually go around the world. Here’s an uplifting story of how one smile finds its way around the world, cheering up everyone along the way.



The Smile that Went Around the World: New Edition

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The Smile That Went Around the World

About Author

Patrice Karst

Patrice Karst is the author of the bestselling, contemporary classic children’s (and adults’!) book The Invisible String, which has sold over 2 million copies and been translated into fifteen languages.
Patrice has been on a lifelong mission to share the message that the energy called love transcends time and space, and is the most powerful force in all of the universe.
Born in London, England, she now lives in Southern California where she is working on her memoir and is the mother of one grown son, Elijah.
Please visit her online at

Patrice Karst

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