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The Uncluttered Mother

Free Up Your Space, Mind & Heart
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If tidying up and placing everything in order was as simple as ABC, then achieving an uncluttered life wouldn’t be so difficult . . . right?

For most mothers, clutter tends to linger even if it’s out of sight. After the family’s been fed, all the dishes have been cleaned, laundry folded and put away, emails have been written and bills have been paid, the stress remains as the wheels inside keep grinding away in anticipation of the “next” episode of clutter to tackle. “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply here, so where does the stress end?

In The Uncluttered Mother, Dana Laquidara presents a process that takes you on a journey to stress-free motherhood (that’s not a typo). Yes, it’s possible to go from Calendars & Clutter, to Health & Habits, to Inspiration & Intuition, knowing that Laquidara’s personal experience and compassion are leading you by the hand. It is meant to inspire readers to simplify all areas of life in order to unwrap the gifts of creativity and joyful parenthood. Beyond just validation for that overwhelmed feeling, this book offers a solution. Getting rid of beliefs, stuff, thoughts and activities that do not reflect your core self, is extremely empowering and uplifting.

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The Uncluttered Mother
The Uncluttered Mother Sale price$14.95
Dana Laquidara

About Author

Dana Laquidara

Dana is an award-winning writer whose work appears in Brain, Child, Literary Mamas, Boston Mamas, Mothers Always Write, Huffington Post, Spirit of Change and other publications. Dana has participated in several of The Moth live storytelling events and took first place in Boston while performing a selection from her memoir-in-progress. She resides in Massachusetts. You can find her at


Dana Laquidara is a guiding light for mothers who strive to simplify life in order to enjoy the small moments of motherhood. Dana gently reminds us that investing in ourselves by taking the time to de-clutter is a gift that gives back.”

MIA WENJEN, The Pragmatic Mom