Bob Luckin

The Diary of a Mindful Dog: Simple Thoughts from a Not-So-Simple Dog


COVR Visionary Awards Bronze Winner | 2021 | Pets & Animal Books

DeVorss Publications
Pocket Paperback 96 pg | September 2020
Subject: Humor; Self-Help; Animals
ISBN: 9780875169071

It only took author Bob Luckin a few weeks to get acquainted with his dog Murphy, a ten-pound Maltese, Poodle-Terrier mix. They got to know each other so well that they began sharing their thoughts even though they didn't speak the same language. Bob used words and Murphy barked. But after a while, Murphy’s sometimes annoying yet very effective non-verbal communication skills became a big part of their daily routine. Regardless of the odd sounds, gestures, and looks, they always found a way to understand each other.

Readers will enjoy the playful and sometimes comical comments of a dog who not only has a nose close to the ground, but also possesses a simple heart that clearly expresses the joys of life. The Diary of A Mindful Dog is a collection of what they have learned so far.

Topics Include:

  • I Stand Beside You
  • The Dog Park
  • Running and Barking
  • Obedience School for Humans
  • The Water Bowl

About Author

Bob Luckin

Bob Luckin has had a life-long career in Mental Health, serving in many different capacities. He has also been an artist and writer for most of his life. He became a director at Centers for Spiritual Living Palm Beaches in Lake Worth FL in the year 2000. He is a writer of a monthly column for the Science of Mind magazine entitled Murphy’s Dogma, where he shares humorous and poignant spiritual wisdom from a dog’s point of view.

Bob Luckin

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