Anja Steensig

Book of Solace: Love and Light for Dark Days



DeVorss Publications
Pocket Paperback 116 pg | Release Date 02-23-2023
Subject: Body Mind Spirit/Healing; Prayer & Spiritual
ISBN: 9780875169262
EBOOK ISBN: 9780875169255

There is a love so powerful, it can heal any wound.

Anja Steensig of Denmark was living what seemed like a life of happiness, beauty, and television fame, yet inside she was living a life of darkness and hopelessness. Her every step felt as though she was stumbling through life without direction until she finally collapsed and surrendered. "It was not until I was broken and stripped of every possible defense," she writes, " . . . that I found the courage to be vulnerable enough to truly open the gates of my heart." This is where Book of Solace begins. It was within the source in her heart, where Anja began to rebuild her life from the sole perspective of Love.

No religion is needed, no guru, no church. The source is within each person, always ready to be received. With Anja's compassionate voice, the Book of Solace gently leads those who are disheartened back to their source, giving them a new opportunity to find, rebuild, and live a truly beautiful and joyful life.



Book of Solace: Love and Light for Dark Days

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The Book of Solace

About Author

Anja Steensig

ANJA STEENSIG is a Danish spiritual mentor, author, and international transformational speaker. For more than a decade she was one of the best known television and radio personalities in Denmark. Hosting her own talk show as well as other formats of entertainment, she was voted best female television host during her career.
In 2011 Anja fell into a deep depression that changed her life forever. After 6 months in painful darkness, she reentered the world completely transformed by her new Love-centered perspective of life. Anja lives in Denmark with her husband and 3 children. Learn more about Anja at:

Anja Steensig

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