Dr. Raymond Holliwell

Working With the Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living


DeVorss Publications
Paperback 184 pg | 1985; Revised 2005
Subject: New Thought; Body, Mind, Spirit
ISBN: 9780875168081

A classic guide to becoming the master of our circumstances

There are countless laws that impact on our daily lives and actions. But there are other laws just waiting to be discovered and put to work from within--laws that anyone can use to live a limitless and prosperous life. After many printings, the lessons in WORKING WITH THE LAW are still being taught in numerous workshops around the country and continue to provide the reader with a new opportunity to take action and re-think their strategy for success by simply working with the law.

Science has defined a variety of natural laws that explain the physical world and how it changes. One such law states that for every action there is a reaction, and that for every motion there is corresponding counter-motion. Whether it’s visible to the human eye or not, one thing is certain – movement and change will occur as a result.

Having studied these principles, author Raymond Holliwell not only understood the universal physical applications, he also understood the spiritual and mental applications as well.  By using this law on a spiritual and mental level, Holliwell found that a specific thought could create a desired reaction in his personal and professional life through continual and dedicated practice. As he came to realize the expanded potential of this powerful law, he eventually recognized the ultimate source of the dramatic results – God.

About Author

Raymond Holliwell

Dr. Raymond Holliwell (1900-1986) had a highly logical mind and was an inspired teacher who employed a clear, specific approach to this subject. For these reasons, Working with the Law is an excellent resource for group study. Also, by retaining the numbered paragraphs from the original edition, this new edition is very user-friendly and provides the reader with an easy-to-use quick reference to key points.

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