Elizabeth Cantey

Living Enlightened: The Joy of Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body


GOLD WINNER -Spiritual Healing Book Category (2024 COVR Visionary Awards) 

DeVorss Publications
Trade Paperback 232 pg | Release Date 05-02-2023
Subject: Body Mind Spirit/New Thought/Self-Help
ISBN: 9780875169330 | EBOOK ISBN: 9780875169347

It’s moving day and just the thought of packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and starting a new life seems daunting, except this time the move is not to a new house or location. This time, the move is within–a spiritual shift–and you can’t hire or ask anyone else to do it for you.

LIVING ENLIGHTENED--THE JOY OF INTEGRATING SPIRIT, MIND AND BODY presents an integrative path to transcending the ego, releasing preconceived ideas, letting go of fears and resentment, and allowing ourselves to become fully immersed in the present moment. As you shift to the joy, peace, wealth and prosperity, overwhelming love and divine intuition, you’ll know you have moved to a new home – only now you’ll be in alignment with the All There Is.  

Author Elizabeth Cantey had been living a life that seemed happy and prosperous on the outside but one day that life collapsed, leaving her unsure of what true happiness is and where it can be found. Seeking a new life, she looked everywhere yet came up empty time after time. That’s when she realized her “moving day” had arrived. It was now time to move from her familiar life to an enlightened life.

Here in this powerful new book you will follow Cantey’s journey as she learned to embrace love, joy, and peace from within, regardless of her outer circumstances. All this from a woman who has walked the path.


Your spiritual magnificence has been exemplified by your wonderful book, Living Enlightened—The Joy of Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body. Your book is wonderful and will enhance the consciousness of all those who read it. I am so proud of your wonderful accomplishments.
Dr. Angelo Pizelo, Founder and President of Emerson Institute

Enlightenment isn’t a point of arrival—it’s a state of mind. If you have been running the gauntlet of hiding from life as it is, perhaps it’s time to see it all through new eyes. In Living Enlightened you’ll see; true enlightenment is only one breath away.
~Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones Award-winning author of The Art of Uncertainty, The Art of Abundance, and other inspired books


Living Enlightened: The Joy of Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body

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Living Enlightened: The Joy of Integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body

About Author

Elizabeth Caney

REV. DR. ELIZABETH CANTEY of Ponte Vedra, Florida is an ordained minister through the Centers for Spiritual Living and has a master’s degree in consciousness studies with an emphasis on world religions. She holds a doctorate degree in consciousness and is the leader of the Jacksonville Center for Spiritual Living. Learn more about Elizabeth at: www.elizabethcantey.com

Elizabeth Cantey

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