Jim Rosemergy

The Gathering: A 40-Day Guide to the Power of Group and Personal Prayer

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 190 pg | September 2021
Subject: Body, Mind, Spirit; New Thought
ISBN: 9780875169224

Prayer is a challenge for many of us. What should we ask of God? Is anyone listening? Why aren't our prayers being answered? The hard truth is this: God doesn't fulfill needs. For thousands of years, humanity has brought needs to God with little success, often resulting in disillusionment. Now is the time to try something new: A nine-step prayer practice called The Gathering.

The Gathering will lead you to the avenues through which God's power and presence can be expressed. You'll see that prayer isn't something you do; rather, it's an experience of God's presence. Having seen thousands truly connect with God and transform their lives through prayer, author Jim Rosemergy believes The Gathering is divinely inspired.

Whether practiced individually or within a group, in just 40 days, The Gathering will be come your foundation for a genuine, ever-deepening experience of God's immanent presence and unlimited power.


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About Author

Jim Rosemergy

JIM ROSEMERGY is an ordained Unity minister whose focus is spiritual awakening. Jim is retired and lives in the north Georgia mountains where he continues his writing and spiritual explorations. Jim has served the Association of Unity Churches (now Unity Worldwide Ministries) since his ordination. He began on the Bylaws committee, became chair of the Expansion Committee, and was then elected to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. During 1987-88, Jim was elected president of the Association of Unity Churches. Jim is the recipient of 2007 Light of God Expressing Award.

Jim Rosemergy

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