Leigh Marino

To Be A Christmas Tree


DeVorss Publications

Hardcover 48 pg 9x9” | September 2024
Subject: Children's Book 3+
PRINT ISBN: 9780875169378  EBOOK ISBN: 9780875169385

A New Children's Book from the publisher who brought you The Invisible String...

To some, finding a Christmas tree is a boring chore or an old habit that comes once a year. To others, it’s a magical adventure. But to each “tree” it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment, their destiny–to bring joy and enchantment to families and kids of all ages.

To Be A Christmas Tree is a new holiday children’s book that follows the heartfelt journey of a tree from his youthful years to his crowning moment–to be a Christmas tree–the centerpiece in a family’s home. But it doesn’t happen so easily.

In this beautifully illustrated story, readers will watch this special tree grow as he copes with rejection, separation from a loved one, illness, sadness, and the frustration of watching other trees get happily snatched and taken away year after year. Leigh Marino’s artful storytelling skills lead children through these hardships in a way that will help them to cope with grief & loss and the setbacks of life, all within a heartwarming holiday message.

So . . . how does this tree keep his hope alive? It happens one day when a small and furry new friend comes along and offers a scent of encouragement, inspiration and support – a true friend who knows when to hold a hand, and when to let go.

As you keep your Christmas tree dream alive,
It will give you the strength you need to survive.
We are born and we grow to fulfill our destiny.
It’s an honor to be a Christmas tree!

About Author

Leigh Marino

LEIGH MARINO has been an artist for as long as she can remember. At 14 she realized that in order to feel the good feelings in life, she needed to allow herself to feel the uncomfortable ones, so she turned to film & television to help her connect with those emotions in a safe way. One of her passions in life is to share those emotional experiences with others - through creative storytelling.
Leigh earned a BFA in Film/TV from NYU, completed the Cinematography program at The LA Film School, and studied cross-cultural dialogue at the International People’s College in Denmark. She has also published The Tiny Girl in the Egg, a story of a girl living in an egg who grows and wants to break free from her shell but fears the outside world. Leigh lives in New Jersey with her family and is the owner/creator of Encourage Thought.

Leigh Marino

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