Kenya D'Agustino

The Little Thoughts Inside


DeVorss Publications
Hardcover 24 pg | Release Date: July 25, 2023 
Subject: Children's Books (3+); Self-Esteem & Positive Thinking
Illustrated by Christine Danvenier
ISBN: 9780875169279  |  eBook ISBN: 9780875169286

Teach Children How to Follow Their Truth with Confidence

Each of us have two little friends that live deep inside...
One is in our heart and knows our inner truth.
The other is in our mind with thoughts and intentions that may conflict with our heart. We can’t see them, but we can feel them, always living within us wherever we go. How can this be?

The Little Thoughts Inside is a new book to help kids understand the difference between the thoughts in their heads and the truth in their hearts. This awareness will help them to see who they really are and how to resolve conflict or stress in a positive and helpful way.

The concepts of personal awareness, truth, feelings, and intuition are introduced as well as inner discord, frustration and fear, using non-threatening words and illustrations that keep it simple and clear. There is no judgment, no right or wrong, and no good or bad here. The examples and language empower each child to become aware and identify “their” truth and follow that truth with confidence.

This life-awakening new book from Kenya D’Agustino draws on her personal life experience and the awareness and wisdom she pursues. She teamed up with the clever imagination of her niece, who blossomed creative, relatable, and entertaining (concepts or illustrations) for kids. Together, they teach kids about inner conflict and how to listen to and follow their hearts in a fun, positive, healthy, and relaxing way.

These friends each have feelings, and at times the same thought.
When they don’t, one feels good, the other does not.
One says, “Do it this way!” while the other says, “Nope!”
Like they’re playing tug-o-war with invisible rope.

The thought in your head is often demanding or not sure what to do.
While the thought in your heart knows the best choice for you.


About Author

Kenya D'Agustino

KENYA D’AGUSTINO has always wanted to help people
who struggle with inner conflicts like herself, especially
children, for as long as she can remember. The
awareness she gained from loved ones, books,
professionals, and from within helped her make that
critical break from listening to every thought. She
learned that thought awareness is the first step to more
truth and more peace. With so many more kids
struggling today, she believes if they just knew “this”
early on in life, maybe they could differentiate what is
true with less stress or fear - the sole reason for this
book. Kenya currently resides in Connecticut.

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