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Award Winning

The Mindful Hiker

On the Trail to Find the Path
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When does the “trail” become the “path”? So often we are drawn to nature for solace and peace during challenging times in our lives.  Walking along our favorite trail, we begin to "see" clearer and gain a better perspective of our situation.  Stephen Altschuler believes that solitude in nature is the way to confront the tests of life by observing how even the smallest forms of life survive the threat of harsh weather, predators, and yes, humans. Join Stephen Altschuler, who discovered his own spiritual path through an insightful relationship with nature, as he leads you on a walk along the trails of Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California. With each chapter, THE MINDFUL HIKER will guide you toward the discovery of your own path where you’ll find the inner strength to adapt and cope with the realities of today. 

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The Mindful Hiker
The Mindful Hiker Sale price$16.95

Award Winning Title

Coalition of Visionary Resources

Award winner in the 2005 COVR Visionary Awards, Book of the Year, and Gold Medal in Biographical Self-Help.

About Author

Stephen Altschuler

Join Stephen Altschuler, discovered his own spiritual path through an insightful relationship with nature.

Author Note

My goal is to open you to the spiritual possibilities of spending time in nature. If you find a sacred place where you can more be yourself, you will be more apt to consider all of nature a sacred place and care for it more deeply and consciously. Nature also includes human beings so my ultimate goal is that people will treat all life, including other people, more compassionately and thoughtfully.
That way, this tired old world will be rejuvenated with the spirit of harmony, peace, humanity, care, hope, and enlightened consciousness. This is what inspires my own spiritual practice. Yes, I spend time in prayer and on the meditation cushion, but more importantly, I am increasingly aware of each precious moment of life, whatever that moment involves. I am more aware and accepting of life as it is. As a result, my life is richer and my relationships with other living things more enduring and deeper.