John Thie, DC

Touch for Health Handy Assessment Chart: With 111 Metaphors on reverse

Publisher: Touch for Health Education
Format: Chart 11 x 17" 2-sided Laminated
ISBN: 9780875167695


The Touch for Health Handy Assessment Chart (11”x17”, 2-sided) folds neatly in half to tuck into your textbook or notebook. You can easily mark and erase laminated chart. This laminated chart contains all the information from the wall chart, plus Pulse Points, and can be easily marked. except no Acupressure Holding Points.

Also includes 111 Metaphor Question on reverse: Questions to consider related to imbalances in the muscles, energy Meridians, and 11 categories of the Five Elements provide a rich resource for considering the symbolic meanings of your energy patterns/blocks.

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