Dr. Frederick Bailes

Basic Principles of the Science of Mind


Formerly Twelve Lesson Home Study Course

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 179 pg | 1951, Revised 1971
Subject: New Thought; Science of Mind
ISBN: 9780875164045

Because its principles are simple and its practice easily taught, Dr. Bailes has put together this course of self-instruction for people everywhere who do not have access to groups or teachers; but the book is also widely used as a basic guide for study groups and teachers of the Science of Mind.  

Right from the start, Dr. Bailes puts you in charge of the Treatment technique. In fact, 5 of the 12 Lessons are about nothing else, and 7 Treatment methods are taught for use with such issues as Health, Finances, Relationships, and Career. Throughout the Lessons, Dr. Bailes emphasizes why and how these methods work. It all has to do with your mind. And because no one else can use your mind, no one else can teach you its Science as well as you’ll teach yourself in this “user-friendly” Home Study Course. 

About Author

Dr. Frederick Bailes

Frederick W. Bailes was an accomplished metaphysical healer and Science of Mind teacher.

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