Henrietta Bernstein

Cabalah Primer


Introduction to English/Hebrew Cabalah

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 192 pg |1984
Subject: Cabalah; Body, Mind, Spirit
ISBN: 9780875165264

Because Cabalah contains the Universal Laws of God, it teaches us how to connect to a direct experience of the upper worlds, giving us a more complete sense of wholeness and balance. Cabalah Primer, with its aspects of English, Hebrew, Tarot, and Sacred Geometry, can help interpret and formulate this wisdom so that it can be of practical value. 

About Author

Henrietta Bernstein

Henrietta Bernstein is director of the Cabalah Research Foundation based in Bosque Farms, New Mexico and is an author and international lecturer of the "Mysteries." Her book CABALAH PRIMER is one of the very first to be published on the esoteric subject of Cabalah and combined with Sacred Geometry, as given in the "Ark of the Covenant."
Ms. Bernstein has also co-authored the book THE CRONE ORACLES: The Initiates Guide to the Ancient Mysteries. Her background came from many years of study and as a personal friend to the most recognized scholar of the mysteries, the great philsospher and writer, Manly P. Hall.
She is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has done post graduate study in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and philosophy. She is listed in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA.

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