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Award Winning

Communing With Music

Practicing The Art Of Conscious Listening
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Through the ages, music has proven to be one of the few common links connecting humanity despite language barriers or cultural influences, whether it takes form as a solo chant or a symphonic orchestra and choir. From a listener’s standpoint though, without a trained ear, the pleasure attained from music is based solely on personal preference and taste in terms of what sounds “good” or feels gratifying and stirs the soul. Author Matthew Cantello believes the inherent value of music offers an even greater benefit to the listener – the power to heal and transform.

COMMUNING WITH MUSIC teaches the listener how to experience music with a new focus and intensity that will consciously bring about healing, serenity, and vitality through the exquisite energy within music.


New Edition: INCLUDES Over 250 Classical Power Music suggestions that nurture health and restore wellness that focus on SERENITY and TRANQUILITY, VITALITY and EXUBERANCE, JOY and ECSTASY, LONGING and SORROW, LOVE and WARMTH, MYSTERY and THE EXOTIC from noted composers such as Debussy, Satie, Mahler, and Rachmaninoff to Ives and Adams. COMMUNING WITH MUSIC is a valuable resource for music libraries and classical aficionados.

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Communing With Music
Communing With Music Sale price$15.95

Award Winning Title

Coalition of Visionary Resources

Award winner in the 2005 COVR Visionary Awards; Nautilus Book Awards

About Author

Matthew Cantello

Matthew Cantello is a gifted music instructor, instrumentalist and composer with over 40 years experience teaching, performing, and "communing" with music in various capacities.
He studied at The Crane School of Music and later founded Ecstatic Arts, Inc., a non-profit organization in New York dedicated to promoting the healing potential of music through workshops and performances.

Author Note

"One of the most significant insights gained in the course of my explorations was the vital role of receptivity. Eventually, it dawned on me that what I was essentially attempting to do was "commune" with the power and beauty of musical sound, as one might commune with a loved one, or the wonders of the natural world. Yet in time I also became aware that I was ultimately communing with much more than "music" per say. I began to see how uniting with the energy of music was essentially a vehicle for connecting with the spirit of the universe itself; a portal through which I could uncover my true nature."