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Award Winning

Eastern Wisdom Western Soul

Bridges Spiritual Enlightenment of the East with the Mind and Soul
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Spiritual enlightenment from the Far East has taught the world that true happiness and peace come from within—a wisdom that transcends time and boundaries. As each new generation struggles to find happiness in an ever-changing world overrun by technology and media, few take the inward path to deep, long-lasting peace.

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Eastern Wisdom Western Soul
Eastern Wisdom Western Soul Sale price$14.95

Award Winning Title

Coalition of Visionary Resources

Award winner in the 2017 COVR Visionary Awards, Iconic Books Category


"This little book has a definite place on the library shelf. Singer, a psychotherapist and "seeker of truth," has assembled a variety of quotations and written meditations and "real-life applications" for them. What makes his book interesting is that—in an Asian context—the quotations are pan-cultural; that is, Chinese, Buddhist, Japanese, and Hindu sources stand side by side, implying, probably rightly, that all of Asian thought, considered together, is characteristically different from Western ways of thinking."

Library Journal

"Singer has taken the word 'mindfulness' to a new level and shows us how to apply it to every moment of our lives."

Sue Vogan, Author/Radio Show Host

About Author

Richard Singer

RICHARD SINGER, a psychotherapist, has studied hundreds of Eastern-based writings and given them new life in today’s world for people looking to apply this wisdom to the stressful and frustrating aspects of the 21st century. Based on the words of Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, and others, Richard Singer has illuminated some of the most profound Eastern quotes with 111 meditations and contemporary applications. Each selection acts as a seed that he expands upon to create a practical meditation for a real-life situation, enabling you to recognize and accept the inner peace of your true being . . . right here, right now.