John Stephenson

Fullness of Joy


A Spiritual Guide to the Paradise Within

DeVorss Publications
Trade Paperback 152 pg | April 2012
Subject: Body, Mind, Spirit; Mysticism
ISBN: 9780875168708

Very few are aware of their spiritual nature in their youth. Most individuals grow without understanding how a spiritually centered heart can help them to interpret and cope with the challenges of daily life.

The youthful years of author John Stephenson were different. He walked a spiritual path that few have tread so early in life. As a child, John was surrounded by the wisdom of Joel S. Goldsmith, legendary mystical writer and teacher of the early to mid 1900's. From many encounters with Joel and countless talks with his mother, Goldsmith pupil Virginia Stephenson, John's spirituality evolved during a time of radical social change around the world. As he reconciled what he observed with what he was taught, John emerged from that era with an enlightened mind and a message for today. 

There is a direct correlation between knowing your spiritual self and living a joyous life, writes John Stephenson. Fullness of Joy illuminates the great mystical and metaphysical principles in a contemporary context that help you discover your spiritual self, the source of joy, and live a joyous life.

Even though John Stephenson studied with the renowned spiritual teacher Joel S. Goldsmith, the mystical guidance will stimulate a new way to perceive and live in this world, a way that allows you to not only exist, but to thrive within a lifestyle overflowing with joy.

About Author

John Stephenson

John Stephenson came to Hawaii in the early 1960s to surf the famous North Shore of Oahu and he eventually graduated from the University of Hawaii at with a degree in fine art.
More importantly, he studied with the great Twentieth Century mystic, Joel S. Goldsmith, who was living in Kailua at that time. Goldsmith bridged the spiritual gap between East and West, and introduced the words meditation and consciousness into the common lexicon.
During his time with Goldsmith, the author had many experiences that revealed the nature of the mystic and opened his consciousness to the undiscovered land of transcendent reality.

John Stephenson

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