Dennis Merritt Jones

How to Speak Science of Mind

DeVorss Publications
Pocket Paperback 130 pg | 2010
Subject: New Thought; Science of Mind
ISBN: 9780875168586

The aim of Science of Mind is to heal our lives of any and all discord, fear, superstition, guilt, and sense of lack. Wholeness is a Reality, and it can be found at the very center of who and what we are now. Science of Mind offers practical and definite methods for creating positive life changes. Among its benefits is the science of positive, healing prayer, called spiritual mind treatment.

How to Speak Science of Mind is a useful guide to the concepts and terminology of this dynamic and practical spiritual system. Frequently asked questions are answered along with simple definitions to key terms and phrases. This concise book gives you the basic building blocks of the Science of Mind philosophy. Whether you choose to practice at home or with any number of Religious Science and Science of Mind churches, or Centers for Spiritual Living, you will soon understand the spiritual wonder of Science of Mind.

About The Author

Dennis Merritt Jones

Throughout his lifetime, Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His personal vision is to guide people to their purpose, knowing that when one fully awakens to who they are and why they are on the planet, they begin to naturally share their gift with humankind and, in the process, create an enriching life for themselves and the world around them.

Dennis Merritt Jones

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