Temple Hayes

How to Speak Unity


A Seeker's Guide to the Basic Concepts and Terms that Define this Practical Spiritual Lifestyle

DeVorss Publications
Pocket Paperback 152 pg | April 2011
Subject: Body Mind Spirit; New Thought
ISBN: 9780875168593

Spirituality today has become much more personal than yesterday's religions. People long to explore, express and empower them-selves, without the traditional outer layers of a defined doctrine or denomination. In this environment, the message becomes peace, love, joy and freedom and resonates as "home."

Unity is a home offering a positive, practical, progressive approach to spirituality, honoring the universal truths in all religions and respecting each individual's right to choose a spiritual path that fulfills their unique lifestyle. HOW TO SPEAK UNITY is an A-Z guide for living life as it’s meant to be lived, fully and joyfully.

Author Note

Temple Hayes

“From all of the people I have met along my personal spiritual path, it's clear to me that the world is longing for compassion, direction and oneness.”

Temple Hayes