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Learn to Live

A New Thought Interpretation of the Parables
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When Jesus spoke to the multitudes, he spoke in parables so that he could explain his teachings in everyday terms that were familiar to all. Even though these stories were first told over a nearly two thousand years ago, their inherent lessons are ever so pertinent in today’s world.

Dr. Ervin Seale has taken the parables to illustrate how their basic, spiritual truths still form the cornerstone of the good life. In themselves, the parables are worth reading and re-reading, and they are all here, clearly set down and explained in Dr. Seale’s affirmative way. By learning to think well, to banish negative ideas, to encourage positive thoughts, and then to put those positive thoughts to work, there will be no fears and no defeats.

It is a joy to see and hear the laws of everyday living as Dr. Seale interprets the parables from a New Thought perspective.

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Learn to Live
Learn to Live Sale price$14.95

About Author

Ervin Seale

Dr. Ervin Seale (1909-1990), who addressed a large audience at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City for 32 years was a major spokesman of the Phineas Parkhurst Quimby philosophy and was gifted New Thought writer and speaker. The Quimby Memorial Church is an outgrowth of the Quimby Memorial Church and Foundation of New York City. The Church and Foundation were under the direction of Dr. Ervin Seale, a former minister of the Church of the Truth and president of The International New Thought Alliance. Seale, a veritable "dean" of the Quimby studies, dedicated his later years to translating and publishing these writings. The Quimby writings provide an historical perspective of the mental healing techniques that later gave birth to Christian Science and then New Thought Christianity. Ervin Seale's books on Quimby are considered essential reading for anyone wanting to understand New Thought.