Christian D. Larson

Leave It To God


DeVorss Publications
Leave It To God | Christian D. Larson
Pamphlet 30 pg | 1940
ISBN: 9780875161914

By placing everything under the Infinite Wisdom, all our needs will be met perfectly. 

It is a method that will encourage and teach our thoughts to keep the eye single upon the most High; and such thinking will, eventually, lead us into oneness with God, the deepest desire and the highest aspiration of the soul.
It is a method through which anything can be realized -- from the simplest to the greatest conceivable -- and this we all can understand for we are using something that moves towards Infinity. And so, whatever we may meet, seek, or purpose in life, it is the utmost of wisdom to think and say,
We will leave it to God.
 -- from the Author

About Author

Christian D. Larson

Christian D. Larson, a former editor of Science of Mind magazine, and author of the 1912 bestseller, Pathway of Roses, was one of the most active proponents of New Thought in the first three decades of the 20th century, and was a strong influence on Ernest Holmes and on other influential leaders in religion and metaphysics.

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