Eugene E. Whitworth

Nine Faces of Christ: Quest of the True Initiate


DeVorss Publications

Paperback 512 pg | 1980; January 2012 Revised Edition
Subject: Spirituality; Mysticism
ISBN: 9780875168623 

NINE FACES OF CHRIST is the narrative of Joseph-bar-Joseph, a Messiah crucified in 57 B.C. This story illustrates the methods and techniques that are required to develop the inner or initiate God-self. It deals with the secret and True Religion behind all religions, and with the preparation and initiation of the candidate into many secret and sacred metaphysical studies. From the mysteries of the Magi to the ancient Egyptian training for the God-King, no one will be excluded from this life-changing journey – a journey that welcomes all.

Here are disclosed initiate Truths such as those the Greek Philosopher Plato dared not to disclose because he was under sacred oath to keep them concealed. It deals with the inspired and relentless search for the True Religion, the unveiling of spiritual Truth long held so secret that one might even risk life itself to find.

About Author

Eugene E. Whitworth

Eugene E. Whitworth was a writer with many interests. He founded the Great Western Brotherhood and was Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Great Western University. He also enjoyed a distinguished career as a businessman/entrepreneur specializing in executive training. Over the years he taught business management psychology to corpo¬rations as well as in colleges and universities. Born in Camp, Arkansas, and raised for a time in Texas, Mr. Whitworth moved to the bay area in Northern California as a boy, went to high school in Richmond and later attended UC Berkeley and Stanford University. As a Marine Corps veteran he served his country in battles across the Pacific theater during World War II. Mr. Whitworth was 93 when he died in 2004 in San Francisco.

Eugene E. Whitworth

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