Catherine Ponder

Open Your Mind to Receive


DeVorss Publications

Paperback 128pg | June 2008 Revised Edition
Subject: Prosperity/ Body Mind Spirit / New Thought
ISBN: 9780875168289
New & Updated Edition

With so much obvious financial need in the world today, why is a book about "receiving" necessary?

Most of us might assume that to receive should be a normal process, espe­cially in these economic times when almost everyone needs to receive on some level of life. Yet a psychiatrist to the rich recently explained, "A surpris­ing number of my talented, successful clients still feel unwor­thy. They feel guilty about having large sums of money. My job is to help them accept their good fortune and to enjoy it."

People seem to be restraining themselves from experiencing a prosperous life and OPEN YOUR MIND TO RECEIVE will help to release them. Although they may not realize it, their own consciousness may be blocking the flow of prosperity into their lives. A prosperity consciousness transformation can happen to anyone who faithfully uses the universal laws of abundance in this book on a sincere and consistent ba­sis. The results will be in accord with one's own soul growth. The success philosophy Ponder writes about obviously does not con­tain a risky "get-rich-quick" formula. Instead, it describes a soul-satisfying process of growth that contains unlimited and eternal benefits into which one evolves.

OPEN YOUR MIND TO RECEIVE serves a deeper purpose, especially in these economic times when so many people are being forced to move from outer, material methods of acquiring prosperity to inner, mental and spiritual sources. Prosperity should no longer be regarded so much as a matter of politics and economics, but more as a matter of increased understanding and growth. True abundance on all levels of life comes as a result of developing a prosperous consciousness. And "conscious­ness" is the result of ideas held in mind.

Year after year, Catherine Ponder’s books continue to enlighten the world with prosperity secrets that work. Countless authors credit her inspiring words as the spark that set them on their own path to prosperity. OPEN YOUR MIND TO RECEIVE is now updated with new real-life stories, all revealing the laws of abundance that help the reader to pinpoint the source and open the floodgates of prosperity. 

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Catherine Ponder is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors. She has written more than a dozen books, which includes her bestselling classic, THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY (DeVorss Publications, 1962). She is a minister of the nondenominational Unity faith – long known as “the pioneer of positive thinking” – and has been described by some as “the Norman Vincent Peale among women ministers.” She has served in Unity Churches since 1956 and heads a global ministry in Palm Desert, California.

Catherine Ponder