Raymond Charles Barker

The Science of Successful Living: Your Spiritual Formula for a Joyous Life


First published in 1957, this updated edition provides a new look and contemporary voice to a prominent and respected New Thought Classic.

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 160 pg | 1957; Updated Edition 2014
Subject: New Thought; Prosperity
ISBN: 9780875168784

Is successful living a science? Is it luck? Or is successful living a process that starts in your own mind? In this updated New Thought classic, Dr. Raymond Charles Barker explains the science of successful living loud and clear. As one of the leading visionaries of his time, Dr. Barker's influence is alive and well in many of the books and lessons being taught today throughout the New Thought community. 

The ideas to a successful life are there . . . just waiting for your acknowledgement and direction to be expressed. There's no luck involved.

Author Note

Raymond Charles Barker

Dr. Barker writes:
The creative power in life is mind. That is its primary quality and its most basic function. The universe is the result of a mathematical thinker, thinking mathematically. . . The universe is actually a mental system. Its primary nature is the process of ideas becoming form. Every fact in your world is also an idea in your mind. To get new things in your world you must have new ideas in your consciousness. Few people do enough abstract thinking to create new ideas in their minds . . . The infiltration of new ideas in the mind is essential to healthy living. You exist in an infinite Mind which offers you an ever expanding variety of ideas. Ideas are seeking to be born in your mind.

Raymond Charles Barker

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