Emmet Fox

The Seven Main Aspects of God, No. 44


DeVorss Publications
Pamphlet 53 pg | 1945
Subject: New Thought
ISBN: 9780875167640

The Ground Plan of the Bible

What is God like? What is God's nature? What is God's character? Where is God? Can we really contact God, and if so, how? This is where Dr. Fox begins this booklet, but once you start reading, you'll find much more.

About Author

Emmet Fox

Emmet Fox, who lived from 1886 to 1951, was born in Ireland. His father was a member of parliament, and Mr. Fox studied electrical engineering in England. In his early adulthood, Emmet Fox became interested in spirituality. Around 1930, he moved to the United States, and soon thereafter began lecturing on spiritual themes in New York City. Emmet Fox is the author of the famous Sermon on the Mount and many other books on spirituality. He is credited with serving as a major inspiration for the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). His writings are often classified as “New Thought.”

Emmet Fox