Caroline Reynolds

Spiritual Fitness: How to Live in Truth and Trust


A Seven Week Guide to Finding Meaning and Sacredness in Your Everyday Life

DeVorss Publications
Trade Paperback 169 pg | March 2005
Subject: Self-Help; Body, Mind, Spirit
ISBN: 9780875168098

Like physical fitness, Spiritual Fitness is for everyone and requires constant practice to be effective. It enables you to define your spiritual values and find meaningful ways to understand and deal with life while expressing your true purpose in an ever-changing world.  

In this book, Caroline Reynolds gives a fresh, modern interpretation of time-honored spiritual principles and inspires you to live these truths in a practical, everyday way. Having overcome emotional and physical health issues, she draws from her own life experiences and spiritual journeys to create a progressive, comprehensive seven-week course that weaves her British perspective of compassionate realism together with the spiritual need to grow and maintain balance in our daily life. 

About The Author

Caroline Reynolds

Caroline Reynolds is a Spiritual Fitness Trainer and Celtic Wordsmith. She was born and raised in South Wales, has a home in London and is now based in the US. Caroline has developed a unique form of guided meditation called Vibrational Meditation, which uses voice resonance to re-attune energy. She has also created several innovative meditation cd’s with Terry Disley, musician and composer with Grammy nominated jazz group, Acoustic Alchemy. She runs regular international retreats and gives talks and leads workshops extensively. Many of Caroline’s seminars have produced life-changing results.

Caroline Reynolds

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