Joel S. Goldsmith

Spiritual Power of Truth

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 246 pg | 1998
Subject: Body, Mind, Spirit; New Thought
ISBN: 9780875167138

All people eventually come face-to-face with their inner Truth at some point in life. As they grow and begin to observe the world around them, the desires arise for a certain lifestyle or material luxury that tends to distort the perception of this inner truth, blinding them from the reality of their soul. As influences from the outer environment conflict with the inner Truth, the results can have an adverse impact your health, finances, and personal relationships. There is a greater power to overcoming this dilemma.

Joel S. Goldsmith invites us to discover the spiritual source of Truth that is free from all material consciousness knowing that, “Once it has been revealed to us that so-called conditions exist as appearances, there is nothing more to be done. We have done all.” Here is a collection of insightful essays for those prepared to relax their grip on fragmented spirituality in order to rise to the indivisibility of Truth -- God.

About Author

Joel S. Goldsmith

JOEL S. GOLDSMITH (1892-1964), a monumental teacher of practical mysticism, devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called The Infinite Way.
After the publication of his seminal book, The Infinite Way, in 1947, Joel traveled throughout the world as a teacher and a healer. Although Goldsmith's message was neither organized nor advertised, students of The Infinite Way increased in numbers.
Today, a worldwide student body exists which continues to practice and preserve his work. More than thirty books have been compiled from his tape-recorded lectures and classwork including "The InfiniteWay," "Practicing the Presence" and "The Art of Meditation."

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