Ernest Holmes

The Ernest Holmes New Thought Dictionary: Your Personal Pocket Guidebook


REPRINTING - due January 2023

Your Pocket Guidebook to Religious Science: Includes over 1000 METAPHYSICAL WORDS & TERMS FROM THE SCIENCE OF MIND PHILOSOPHY.

DeVorss Publications
Pocket Paperback 172 pg | 2003
Subject: New Thought; Science of Mind
ISBN: 9780875167916 

Ernest Holmes, New Thought philosopher and founder of Religious Science, compiled this guide and brought it out as a dictionary under the title New Thought Terms & Their Meanings. Although it works like a dictionary, it is much more than a reference book. To make it more useful, helpful, and inspiring, this new edition includes OVER 1000 Metaphysical words, terms, and several hundred cross-references to help you clearly understand the ideas, concepts, phrases, and labels used in Religious Science and The Science of Mind philosophy.  In so many ways, The Ernest Holmes New Thought Dictionary is the perfect companion to your metaphysical education and should stand side-by-side with any other Science of Mind book or study guide.

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