Baird T. Spalding Introduction by Mitch Horowitz

The Journey: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Volumes 1~3, Single Volume Edition

DeVorss Publications
Trade Paperback 595pg | November 2021
Subject: Mysticism: Mind, Body, Spirit 
ISBN: 9780875169149

Baird T. Spalding played a ground-breaking role when he introduced the Western world to the wonders of a Far East expedition in 1894. The knowledge of "Masters" assisting and guiding humanity in the classic book LIFE AND TEACHING OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST became legend in metaphysical circles during the first half of the 20th century and continues today as a source of spiritual enlightenment. Spalding and the others were practical in nature and the thought of spiritual masters performing miracles seemed impossible. Despite these suspect thoughts, something compelled them to move onward. So they did.

Originally published as 3 separate volumes, DeVorss Publications is proud to release these historic books in one edition titled THE JOURNEY with a NEW INTRODUCTION by MITCH HOROWITZ, author of OCCULT AMERICA. It is within these 3 volumes that Spalding details an expedition that lasted 3 years and covered the mountainous landscape of Nepal and India near the close of the 19th century.

“Today’s culture of spiritual search owes a considerable part of its foundational ideas, lineage, and vocabulary to Spalding’s vision. In that sense, the lifelong prospector, discovered the gold for which he was searching.”MITCH HOROWITZ


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Baird T. Spalding

Baird T. Spalding, whose name became legend in metaphysical circles during the first half of the 20th century, played an important part in introducing to the Western world knowledge of the Masters, who are assisting and guiding the destiny of mankind. Born in England, at age four he went to India. At age seventeen he finished the University and went to California were he stayed two years. He then traveled to Heidelberg, Germany and studied for eight years and then returned to California for post-graduate work in Archaeology at Berkeley and Stanford. After years of working with publisher Douglas DeVorss to write and promote the Life & Teaching series, Spalding died in 1953 in Arizona.

Baird T Spalding