William A. Warch

The New Thought Christian: An Introduction to the Life-Changing Concepts of New Thought

Paperback 104 pg | 1977
Subject: New Thought
ISBN: 9780875168371

New Thought is a spiritual philosophy with a diversified following of individuals who come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and now find spiritual nourishment and comfort from organizations such as Unity, Science of Mind, Religious Science, and Divine Science. Regardless of the name on the building or label on the door, what ties them all together is the predominant belief in one God–Universal Mind, creative intelligence, omnipresent–a principle (not a being), an impersonal force that manifests itself personally, perfectly, and equally within all.

For anyone at the doorsteps of New Thought seeking a personal, loving, joyful, spiritual life that resonates truth without judgment, the answers to many of their initial questions are within The New Thought Christian, a brief over-view of the key beliefs and topics that form the basis of New Thought.

About Author

William A. Warch

William A. Warch was the founding minister of the Church of Christian Living, in Anaheim, California as well as a member of the Executive Board of the International New Thought Alliance.

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