Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider

The Rules Handbook: A Guide to Creating Loving and Lasting Relationships


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Trade Paperback 350 pg | September 2023
Subject: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth Self-Esteem
ISBN# 9780875169354 | eBook ISBN# 9780875169361
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Millions of women have already learned these time-tested lessons of love. The world has changed . . . Now it’s time for a new generation to find “the one.”

In their #1 New York Times bestseller, THE RULES...

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider shared their time-tested techniques for finding the “one.” Controversial yet effective, THE RULES has changed millions of women’s lives all over the world since 1995. From Oprah to the Today Show, they helped women attract love through confidence and self-esteem.

Over the past 30 years, the world has changed dramatically. Today, anything goes with fast paced dating and social media. While technology has accelerated the change (Instagram, texting, TikTok), biology has remained the same. It was time for a much needed reminder.

The Rules Handbook was written out of necessity. Ellen and Sherrie were hearing from many of their readers who had successfully applied the original Rules’ formula but experienced frustration when dealing with others. They wanted a similar strategy to create loving and lasting relationships outside of romance as well. This led to coaching workshops to help others establish their own self-esteem, boundaries, and life philosophies.

The Rules Handbook will do the same for you while helping attract the right people into your life and preventing or minimizing any unnecessary hurt or disrespect. This new book is organized to help you focus on your own life first, remain happy and busy, and nurture your Higher Self, as opposed to your Lower Self. You can then set healthy boundaries with confidence, and not lose your power to distance yourself from opinions or comments others make in person or on social media.

The Rules Handbook will empower you to gracefully step away from difficult people and instead, invest all that time and energy on yourself and the ones who truly love and respect you. 



The Rules Handbook: A Guide to Creating Loving and Lasting Relationships

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The Rules Handbook

About Author

Ellen Fein

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider met in New York City circa 1990 when they were in their mid-twenties and became fast friends. Ellen had an accounting degree and was studying for her Masters in Social Work and Sherrie was a journalist. Both were career women who were told "you can do anything you want" in business and romance. As their friendship grew, so did their search for love as they often shared dating stories with each other. Seeing the need for basic, commonsense guidance, they organized their thoughts and in 1995 released THE RULES, which gave women newfound confidence in their search for love.

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