The Way Out: Updated Edition


Includes: The Way Beyond, Wealth, The Teacher
DeVorss Publications
Pocket Paperback 140 pg | July 2008
Subject: Inspiration & Mysticism
ISBN: 9780875168326

For generations, THE IMPERSONAL LIFE has been a spiritual staple in the lives of millions. Written anonymously, the words connect with the reader on a deeper level. THE WAY OUT speaks with the same compassionate voice from the same author as it helps the reader come to terms with the source of their financial troubles to ultimately achieve and prosper from the same deep level - the soul. The updated edition of THE WAY OUT has been adapted with gender-neutral language that helps any reader relate to the message in personal terms.

A note from the author

“Now that you are ready to hear the law, here are the words that everyone can understand. Note these words and let them impress themselves on you, so that from this moment ever afterward they will live in your mind as a guiding influence. WHATEVER YOU THINK AND HOLD IN CONSCIOUSNESS AS BEING SO, MANIFESTS ITSELF IN YOUR BODY OR AFFAIRS. Whether you accept this or not, consider for a while the truth that every thought you think, especially those relating in any way to self, hovers around in your mental atmosphere just as a child stays close to its parent. These thoughts being about yourself receive the life that maintains them from the feeling that you put into them.”

Inspiration & Mysticism