Willis Kinnear

Thirty-Day Mental Diet: The Way to a Better Life

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 140 pg | 1963; Updated 1998
Subject: New Thought; Self-Help
ISBN: 9780875166247


Based on the time-tested and successful Science of Mind teaching and practice, Willis Kinnear has developed 30 daily thought routines along with some exercises that strengthen the mind to confront any challenge in life with success. If your willpower is unpredictable, now is the time to build a strong mind with the 30-DAY MENTAL DIET so you will be prepared and determined to achieve ANY goal.

Nourishment, balance, regimen, wholesome, fit, and commitment are just some of the words normally associated with a diet. Usually, a diet refers to the amount and quality of food necessary to transform and reshape the body. If followed without fail, such diets accomplish the desired results and retain the new healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately for most, a lack of willpower defeats the diet before the long-lasting results have a chance to take hold. Even with support from friends and family, it’s the willpower from within that needs the discipline necessary to achieve success.


Thirty-Day Mental Diet: The Way to a Better Life

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30-Day Mental Diet

About Author

Willis Kinnear

Willis Kinnear was Ernest Holmes "right-hand man" during the later years of Holmes life, serving as Publisher of Science of Mind Magazine and Director of Science of Mind Publishing from 1953 to 1975.

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