John Thie, DC

Touch for Health Reference Wall Chart



Released: 1-Jun-1992
ISBN: 9780875167732

Quick reference to all 42 muscle tests and  all 246 TFH Reflex points available at-a-glance in one wall chart.

Touch for Health Reference Chart (27”x39” color, laminated) is a must for your balancing or treatment area. The features of this quick reference at-a-glance poster include:

    • Current version is easy on the eyes
    • Includes all reflex points + meridian pathways
    • Color coded muscle locations + testing positions
    • 24-hour Wheel graphic for marking energy patterns
The reference chart enables anyone using TFH/ Kinesiology to refresh their memory as well as explain and show clients, patients or friends what muscle is being tested and the touch reflexes to balance the muscle.

Each reference panel contains a concise graphic of all TFH information related to the meridian:

    • Muscle test thumbnail drawings (color coded to match the muscle illustration) with spinal reflex (SR) number and page number from TFH Complete Edition
    • Locations of all reflex points: SR, neurolymphatic, neurovascular, meridian pathway, and acupressure holding points
    • Nutrition for balancing muscles/energy circuits
    • Diagram of spinal reflexes, pulse points, and alphabetic index of all 42 muscles.

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