Eva Bell Werber

Voice of The Master

DeVorss Publications
Paperback 90 pg | 1940
Subject: Meditation; Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN: 9780875161051

The meditations in these four books are guides to daily living voiced by the Christ Consciousness to which Mrs. Werber was open in her moments of meditation.

ALSO by Eva Bell Werber: Journey with The Master, Quiet Talks with The Master, In His Presence.

About Author

Eva Bell Werber

Eva Bell Werber was born in 1888 in Logansport, Indiana, where she spent her childhood on the shores of the Eel River. Her love for art guided her to the Chicago Art Institute, where she later graduated. Eva then moved to California for health reasons and was able to establish a career in art and music, as well as writing, before meeting her husband, Paul C. Werber. They lived in the Los Angeles area where she died in 1962.

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