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Wells of Abundance

The Seven Planes of Supply and The Law of Increase
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Is it solely experienced on a physical level when you are surrounded by symbols of wealth and riches? Or is it a peaceful state of mind without any worries, illness, or stress? One thing is for sure . . . there is an unlimited supply for anyone willing to understand the principles that shape your perception of prosperity and wealth. Understanding that supply means more than just meeting our need for air, food, water, and shelter, Ingraham helped the world to see the spiritual side of supply as the inner foundation of peace and happiness from within.

These are the principles E.V. Ingraham (1882-1978) wrote about in WELLS OF ABUNDANCE while active at Unity Village in Lee’s Summit Missouri over 80 years ago. He joined the staff at Unity School in 1919 and organized the Sales department that supplied literature to Unity centers. This is where he soon became acquainted with Douglas DeVorss, who was the Unity Sales Director before he founded DeVorss & Company in Los Angeles in 1929.

Originally published in 1938, WELLS OF ABUNDANCE was written during an era when most books referred to people with masculine references and pronouns without implying that one gender was more entitled or more deserving than the other. In this updated edition, DeVorss Publications has enhanced the meaning by making subtle changes that allow the message to be all-encompassing for all readers.

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Wells of Abundance
Wells of Abundance Sale price$7.95

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E.V Ingraham organized the Unity Sales Department back in 1919 which supplied Unity literature at wholesale prices to Unity centers for resale. In 1931, the Unity Training School was organized, and Mr. Ingraham was placed in charge of the first training class held at Unity Farm. He was with Unity as a worker and field lecturer from 1928 through 1935. For the next ten years he worked independently, continuing his research work into the teachings of ancient and modern religions. For three years he taught at the Institute of Religious Science in Los Angeles. Until his retirement in 1959, he was a minister of the Progressive New Thought Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, of which he was also a founder.