Dennis Merritt Jones

When Fear Speaks, Listen: The 7 Messengers of Fear


As election season swirls with fear-based platforms, this book offers a fresh approach to understanding one's personal perceptions of fear and the reactions they cause. Each topic is presented with an Interview, the Good news and the Not-So-Good News, a Mindfulness Practice, and an Affirmation. 

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Trade Paperback 176 pg | May 2024
Subject: SELF-HELP | Psychology | Body Mind Spirit
ISBN# 9780875169514
eBook ISBN# 9780875169521


We’ve all heard the warning at some point in life: “Go ahead. What’s to fear?” Little did we know just how big those words would impact our lives. They were meant to encourage and empower, but over time became engrained in our minds causing doubt and making us wonder, what else is there to fear? This has left some stuck with the same self-destructive fears they’ve had since childhood; fears that now hold them back from success, happiness, peace of mind, and even . . . love.

Fear is a natural survival skill that cannot be eliminated from our psyche—nor should it be because it’s a part of our inner fabric. So then, how do we grow and achieve the greatness life has to offer if our inherent fears keep trying to undermine us, to slow us down and divert us? We live in a world of mass media coverage and social networks that view the world with divisive intentions and opposing beliefs all in an effort to stir fear and build support. Instead of surrendering to our fears and obeying them, perhaps it’s time to listen and learn.

Dennis Merritt Jones, DD has been practicing and teaching New Thought principles for over 40 years. These lessons serve to help people understand how their true inner nature can thrive and prosper in the real world where others tend to make it difficult to succeed. In this timely new book, When Fear Speaks, Listen, Dr. Dennis has identified the dominant “7 Messengers of Fear” that are alive and active within us:

Anger, Worry, Judgement, Selfishness, Shame, Loneliness, and Uncertainty

These fears shape our perception of the world and cause us to make decisions that don’t always help us achieve our best lives. But, what if our fears actually have a message for us? What if we could learn how to listen to the message and learn from it? When Fear Speaks, Listen will help you understand what your fears may be telling you, and how to move forward and experience the joy of life.


When Fear Speaks, Listen: The 7 Messengers of Fear

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When Fear Speaks, Listen

About Author

Dennis Merritt Jones, DD

DENNIS MERRITT JONES, DD has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His other books include: The Art of Abundance, Encouraging Words, Your (Re)Defining Moments, The Art of Uncertainty, The Art of Being, and How to Speak Science
of Mind. In addition to his books, Dennis is a world-class keynote speaker, mentor, and columnist for the Huffington Post and Science of Mind Magazine. Please visit for more info.

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