Annalee Skarin

Ye Are Gods


DeVorss Publications
Paperback 343 pg | 1952, 1979
ISBN: 9780875167183
Subject: Body, Mind, Spirit: Spirituality

"Progress of the individual depends on the strength of the desire within."

Yes, Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the substance of things hoped for is the great spiritual energy out of which all things are composed, all things which do or can exist in the thoughts of man or in either the tangible realm of earth or the intangible realms of spirit.

With this knowledge it is now possible to comprehend that faith is an ELEMENT. It is the greatest of all elements for it is the mother of all others. It is as definite as radium, or air, or water. It is truly the mother substance of elements out of which all existing things are composed. To mortal eyes it is hydrogen or oxygen or many of the other elements that have been discovered in recent years. But when this greatest of all elements is combined in the right proportions it becomes definitely tangible to the physical senses as H2O combined as water.

This greatest of all elements, this substance of Spiritual material of everlasting creation, boundless energy, Almighty power can become tangible in newly created forms... -- ANNALEE SKARIN  

Includes a complete INDEX.

About Author

Annalee Skarin

ANNALEE SKARIN born Nansela Mathews, the granddaughter of "Wild Bill" Hickman, was a popular New Age/Metaphysical author, originally raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). She gained fame by claiming to believe in the possibility of attaining immortality through the ardent pursuit of Christian principles, which she summarized as gratitude, praise, and love.

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