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You Are Enough: Always Have Been . . . Always Will Be

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Most people get a sense of self-worth from what they accomplish in life. As time goes by, they soon find that it doesn't last very long when that confident and blissful feeling starts to fade. The self worth that can sustain the ever-changing ebb and flow of life is the one that’s based on the sacredness that can be found in every soul – the miracle of life itself. As David Walker writes, "If we don't accept the fact that what we ARE is more important than what we DO, we will live a lifetime with the self-inflicted pressure to perform."

Get ready to read some down-to-earth straight talk written by a man who has been teaching this life-changing philosophy for over 30 years and helping people to break out of the self-restricting thought patterns that hold them back. With this book you'll find that the foundation for a strong and long-lasting self-worth is already set in place, prepared and waiting to carry you through any challenge simply by becoming aware that "you are enough" . . . always have been, always will be.                 

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You Are Enough: Always Have Been . . . Always Will Be
You Are Enough: Always Have Been . . . Always Will Be Sale price$12.95


“ . . . clear and to the point, YOU ARE ENOUGH is David Walker’s gift of yourself to yourself.”

WALTER STARCKE, author of It’s All God

“In his typical style of loving, yet no-nonsense teaching based on years of study and counsel, Dr. Walker has provided us with the knowledge that not only are we enough as we are, but that we have the potential to live the life we desire, filled with joy and success.”

BOB BURG, author of Winning Without Intimidation

David Walker

About Author

David J. Walker

Dr. David J. Walker was the founding minister of The Los Angeles Church of Religious Science where he served for over 25 years. He was also president of Religious Science International for four years. He studied with Dr. Robert H. Bitzer at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science where he became staff minister in 1980. Dr. Walker was pastor of the San Bernardino Church of Religious Science for 5 years and then founded the Los Angeles Church in 1989. He received his doctorate degree in 1994 and his Doctorate of Divinity in 2003. His weekly television show, "Successful Living," aired on several Los Angeles cable stations. As an international speaker and teacher. Dr. Walker taught the Science of Mind in Italy, France, England, South Africa, and Jamaica. Before becoming a minister, Dr. Walker enjoyed a successful career as a singer, working in clubs throughout the county.