Stephanie Reef

You Will Make It... Just Keep Going: The Sustaining Power of Thought and Hope


DeVorss Publications

Trade Paperback 352 pg | September 2023
Subject: Body, Mind & Spirit; New Thought; Self-Help
ISBN:  9780875169293 | eBook ISBN: 9780875169309

The Right Message Will Find You

This book is unlike any other for, it offers direction, guidance and reassurance with just ONE turn of a page to receive an INTUITIVE Message that will answer your most pressing questions. It will give you what you need immediately, without having to read page upon page to find what you’re looking for. The right Message will find you. 

None of us are immune to the difficulties and challenges of life.  We all experience heartache, loss, illness, fear, uncertainty and disconnection during the course of our lifetime. And it is during these dark moments, some may question life itself.

 When author Stephanie Reef faced her dark moments, the depression, anxiety, and worthlessness she felt led to addictions and thoughts of helplessness. At that time, she didn’t realize she could either choose to believe and accept those thoughts, or not. Then on one fateful day, when giving up seemed the only way out, she experienced something unexplainable that would change her life. That was the minute she surrendered and accepted a Presence within. Recognizing and accepting the Presence is what led her through the dark moments, and still directs her today.

YOU WILL MAKE IT . . . JUST KEEP GOING is a collection of over 150 short and poignant essays that have sprouted from the Presence, each filled with motivation, inspiration, affirmations, and words of tough love for those challenging dark moments. The Messages received on Stephanie’s path to self-discovery and healing, are what kept her moving forward in a peaceful, sustainable direction. Readers will learn that The Presence is within everyone, waiting to be called upon and accepted.



You Will Make It... Just Keep Going: The Sustaining Power of Thought and Hope

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You Will Make It... Just Keep Going

About Author

Stephanie Reef

STEPHANIE REEF is a metaphysician and holds a BA, Masters, and Ph.D. in Metaphysical Healing Sciences. She has been trained in many ancient healing modalities to assist with health issues, financial instability, strained relationships, and loss of purpose. Stephanie was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She has always felt an affinity towards nature and the West. She currently lives as a minimalist in Minnesota surrounded by Nature and still puts pencil to paper when writing her books. Learn more at

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